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John Longbottom

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I Don’t Know Why

Verse:    I don't know why she had to leave.
              She gave me no reasons to believe,
              That I'd done something wrong,
              But like a sunset she was gone
              And in that light her touch lingers on.

Verse:   Silly fights, yes we've had our share.
              Magic castles we've built in the air.
              Now she wants it to end
              Without even a "Let's be friends."
              There's nothing left no, no pretense.

Chorus:  Life rolls on like a railroad train
               Chugging across a distant plain.
               You face the fear that hurts you the most.
               Your dreams just fade like an ageing ghost.

BR.         The mountain looks down in silent grace
               As the sun highlights its ancient face.
               The wind whips the trees across the view,
               Waving goodbye to me and you.

Verse:  We met in the winter of our youth,
              When all our hopes were tempered by the truth.
              We threw all those masks away,
              Built a future of bricks and clay.
              Now, twenty years just crumbled in a day.

Chorus: Repeat

              I don't know why she had to leave.

Words and music:  John Longbottom © 2021
Vocals and guitars: John Longbottom

5 comments on “Songs

  1. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful song. Tells a true story for many. Keep writing and sharing them. I am really enjoying your talent.


    1. Thank you so much for leaving the comment and for your encouragement.


  2. Robert says:

    Saw you perform Fiddler’s Green forty years ago in Annapolis. Met my wife that night while listening to you play. We’re still married, and many thanks from the both of us. All the best, brother. Be well.


    1. Wow Robert, you’ve blown me away. That you have found me on the internet, that you remember me and that you are kind enough to tell me your story is awe inspiring and very thoughtful and generous of you. As a performer, we sometimes never know who we reach and how. Your kindness has reminded me of one of the wonderful hidden gifts we sometimes receive. Thank you and your wife and I hope you enjoy many more years together.


      1. Robert says:

        The pleasure was all mine. I remember two songs you played that evening, “Brand New Tennessee Waltz”, and “Fiddler’s Green”. I went home that evening and started working them out on my old Takamine cutaway. I still play them both whenever I pick up a guitar.

        We’re about the same vintage, you and I. Time does for us all. My hands are arthritic and playing can be problematic, but life without words and music would have been intolerable.
        We live now in the mountains of West Virginia with several cats, dogs and guitars.
        You touched us quite deeply that night. I read my wife your redponse and she teared up a little.
        If you play again in thus area, please let us know. Be well.


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