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My name is John Longbottom

I am a retired professional musician. Are we ever fully retired? I think not. Playing, making and performing music has an attraction as strong as any addiction, yet it is far more than a mere habit. Making music, a term that encompasses both performing and creating, is almost spontaneous these days. It’s the same with writing – it flows and grows. These days I feel like an ineffectual plumber – I can’t stop the flow.

I was born and raised in England growing up in Scarborough, N. Yorks. I played in a high school rock band and a folk duo. After leaving school and dropping out of college, I tried working at regular jobs but couldn’t quite the hang of it. Music and the stage kept calling me. I came to the USA in the 1970s although I wasn’t musically invasive. I’ve been a working musician ever since, albeit with a range of jobs to see me through those lean times. I’ve gone from paving roads to recording Presidents, driving trucks to racing sailboats. It has been fun. I’ve played for no one in empty bars and I’ve played for 200,000 people on the National Mall.

I am now retired, supposedly, and living happily one day at a time, with my wife in North Carolina where the air is clean and the words continue to flow like the local waterfalls. I am a two-time cancer survivor and I mention this only because I believe the last bout I had with it somehow cleared away the mental clutter and allows the inspiration to freely flow.


Words and ideas flow like rivers, sometimes in a trickle, sometimes a torrent. Many rivers flow into a lake or the sea where they coexist and become one with water from many different sources. The river, although fundamentally of the same essence, is transformed into a different entity by merging with other influences. Any work of art is made whole by the beholder. This gives me a platform to present my writings so that they may be complete.

If you would like to contact me please do so via: I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting my website.

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  1. Hey, John! Great to see you sharing your STUFF online. You have a gift…thanks for giving us a glimpse of the inner genius.

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    1. Thanks Steve. Thought I’d test the waters and thanks for the encouragement. I’d love to include a link to your website and podcasts if I may. I just have to find out how to do it! Getting this up and running is a bit of an uphill climb.


  2. Michael Robinson says:

    Hi John, I have read with considerable interest your collection of poems and the start of your story on your journey coming back from your near death experience, as well as listening to your song compositions. It is clear you have been bestowed with a remarkable gift to express so succinctly all those things that are near and dear to you. The fact that you have chosen to share them with a wider audience, people that have not necessarily had the experiences you have had, is wonderful testimony to the human being you are. Please continue on this journey and allow your emotions and feelings to drive you forward; I look forward to returning to your website from time to time to catch up on the latest instalment (you can tell I am English!) of your journey as well as further poems, songs and other thoughts.

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    1. Wow! Michael, that is a wonderful comment. Thank you so much for those kind words and for visiting the website. Please keep coming back, more posts and podcasts are in the works.


  3. Ted Garber says:

    I am a lifelong fan and devotee.

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    1. Thanks Ted, I like your work as well.


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