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I just wanted to share that I have been honored by being awarded a “gold medal” in the North Carolina Senior Games State Finals, Literary Arts section. The award was for my poem ‘In My Time’, which is in the ‘Poetry’section of this website but I’ll reprint it here. My heartfelt thanks to all those at NCSG, my neighbor Don Grey who strongly suggested I enter the competition (even though I am not a big fan of competitions) and Mary, of course. A BIG THANKS to all of you who are following me and encouraging me to continue. I am grateful for the support.

In My Time

The days fall short of summer’s length,

Like an old man pining for youthful strength.

There’s a crystal light that glimmers in the mountains.

Bluebirds splash like children in the fountains.

Tendrils of cloud cling to the peaks.

Everyone listens as the wind speaks

Through the trees with its northern breath.

Winter’s creeping closer with its hint of death.

And the river flows placidly by

Murmuring, “I’ve seen millions die,

In my time,

In my time.”

A Buck Moon burns behind the trees,

Where only their tops wiggle in the breeze.

The moon dims the stars with its virginal light, 

Sharp shadows form in the darkness of night.

And the river flows placidly by

Murmuring, “I’ve seen millions cry,

In my time,

In my time.”

Would that I could turn round the direction of time

And return to those hills that young lovers climb.

What would I see through these ancient eyes,

That before I had missed in adolescent disguise?

What better pastimes has every old man,

Than to remold his life with arthritic hands?

Nothing can be changed but wouldn’t it be fun,

To return and undo what should never have been done?

And the river flows placidly by

Murmuring, “I’ve seen millions try,

In my time,

In my time.”

2 comments on “Celebrate

  1. Ted Lizotte says:

    Congratulations John! Well deserved and thank you for sharing. Your amaizing talent continues to shine.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Thank you Ted. It is good to have you by my side. John


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