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John Longbottom

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I don’t know why she had to leave.
She gave me no reasons to believe,
That I’d done something wrong,
But like a sunset she was gone
And in that light her touch lingers on.


Silly fights, yes we’ve had our share.
Magic castles we’ve built in the air.
Now she wants it to end
Without even a “Let’s be friends.”
There’s nothing left no, no pretense.


Life rolls on like a railroad train.
Chugging across a distant plain.
You face the fear that hurts you the most.
Your dreams just fade like an aging ghost.


The mountain looks down in silent grace
As the sun highlights its ancient face.
The wind whips the trees across the view,
Waving goodbye to me and you.


We met in the winter of our youth,
When all our hopes were tempered by the truth.
We threw all those masks away,
Built a future of bricks and clay.
Now, twenty years just crumbled in a day.

Chorus Repeat

I don’t know why she had to leave.

Words and music: John Longbottom
© 2021 Vocals and guitars: John Longbottom

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