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Nothing in particular

Spring is here, the weather is a bit warmer and I’m finally released from a long cycle of enforced “light duty” due to several minor procedures. I can finally get outside and enjoy working in the garden with the added bonus that my breathing and stamina are improving. The yard work uses another side of my creativity hence I haven’t been as active with this website or the podcasts. I’ve also been writing more so, be on the lookout, for you never know what might come flying by, a psalm, a prose piece, a poem or a podcast (how’s that for alliteration?). Thank you for visiting. Come back and we’ll have a cup of tea.

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2 comments on “Nothing in particular

  1. Anonymous says:

    What a beautiful garden and setting! I’m happy you can resume your gardening. For me, gardening is source of appreciation, contemplation, and peace. My gardening season is short–this week we’ve had sun/rain/hail/cold! So it goes in Western Maryland. Our frost date is June 15th, but I roll the dice and plant a bit earlier. Take care, my friend. Ellen

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    1. Thank you Ellen. the setting, similar to yours, is my solace and inspiration. I use the word, “gardening” but it affords me too much credit for I am merely the laborer. Mary is the true gardener and plant tender. Here, they tell us not to plant until after Mother’s Day. We did not heed the local advice and paid the price. “You can’t fool Mother Nature..” Love, John


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