House prints across

An Oklahoma prairie.

One rusted oil derrick

Bows in silent remembrance

Of the past.

The remains of Whizbang, OK

July 2019

During the oil boom of the 1920’s, Whizbang, OK grew up almost overnight. It no longer exists. Mary was born not far away, in Fairfax, OK. The name, Whizbang, has always intrigued me so, I had to visit. There are several versions of the origins of the name, one being a woman known locally as Whizbang Jane. From that, you might be able to guess her profession.

Strange as it may seem, I wrote this poem while in ICU at Greenville, SC, Memorial Hospital. I don’t know why it came to me at that particular moment or in that unusual place. I had no pen nor paper and I didn’t have my glasses. I had to repeat it over and over to myself to remember it until I could write it down 24 hours later,

Categorized as Poems

By John A Longbottom

I am a wordsmith, an editor who merely arranges the words I've been gifted into pleasing patterns. I am a retired professional musician and part-time songwriter. The songs keep coming and here they are. I am also a recent cancer survivor a situation that I believe has enabled the current flood of inspiration most of which I share here. My hope is that the you the reader may find hope and inspiration in the fabric of these pieces.

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