The Future Is Just A Breath Away

My feet now tread on shaky ground,
In an uncertain world that swirls around.
They say to look for the magic in the air,
I've tried but I don’t see it anywhere.
I want to be numb, without a care,
To turn away from a future that isn’t there.
When I close my eyes the darkness never comes
Brilliant stars dance around celestial suns.
Is that the magic they talk about,
Concealed in a crevice between hope and doubt?
I tiptoe across slick stepping-stones,
Gazing down at sun-bleached bones.
The river tumbles swift and clear,
Above its roaring I can barely hear,
As an angel beckons from an open door
Guiding me safely to the distant shore.

January 2021
Categorized as Poems

By John A Longbottom

I am a wordsmith, an editor who merely arranges the words I've been gifted into pleasing patterns. I am a retired professional musician and part-time songwriter. The songs keep coming and here they are. I am also a recent cancer survivor a situation that I believe has enabled the current flood of inspiration most of which I share here. My hope is that the you the reader may find hope and inspiration in the fabric of these pieces.

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